Naejangsan Maple Tour

Naejangsan is a famous mountain in the Jeolla-do province, and the best mountain in Korea for viewing autumn’s crimson leaves. The park is 76,032 sq. km. in size and became a National Park along with Baekyangsa District on Nov. 17th, 1971. The name Naejang means 'many secrets' in the mountain. Because of the bright crimson leaves that blanket Naejangsan Mountain’s fall scenery, the mountain is also referred to as "Geumgangsan of Honam." 

Inside the park, there are famous waterfalls, such as Dodeok Falls and Geumseon Falls, and temples such as Baekyangsa and Naejangsa temples. If you follow the valley left of the ticket booth, you can see the waters of Dodeok Falls, cascading down the cliff. If you go further along the valley you can see the waters Geumseon Falls where even the gods have supposedly bathed. Baekyangsa Temple is both majestic and serene, surrounded by Gulgeori trees that retain their lush green leaves even in winter, and also the Bija trees. Along with Baekyangsa Temple, the Naejangsa Temple is the place to visit during the fall for its lovely autumn leaves. Besides these, there are about 760 kinds of local plants, designated Natural Monuments, and various wild animals living inside Mt. Naejangsan Park. 


*Transportation and guide

*National Naejangsan park enterance fee

*Lunch-Gimbap (Korean roll with rice)


*Individual items (Jacket, Sun-block etc)

*Traveler insurance (Please make it before you arrive in Korea)



Terms and conditions

*07:20am, City hall station Exit7 meeting & departure (you have to be on time, we only can wait for no more than 10mins)

*If participants are less than 4, the tour can be canceled

*Deposit for the tour (10000Won=9USD per person); and pay rest of the cost on spot (55000won in cash per person)

*Make reservation online here(1)->We send you voucher and the method of paying deposit via email(2)->After payment, please let us know via email(3)->We send you confirmed email->See you on the tour day(5)

*If you cancel the tour 30 days after from tour day, no refund for deposit

*Our bus company includes transportation insurance.


Deposit+cash on spot

October 24,26,28,31th
November 2,4,7,9th
07:20AM : Cityhall station-(132/201)Gathering&departure(Exit 7)

07:20~11:00AM :On the transportation

11:00~2:00PM : Naejangsan maple tour

2:00PM : Gathering&Leave for Seoul

6:00PM : Coming back to Seoul, Getting off at Dongdaemun history and culture station -DDP

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